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Are you Holy To God?

Insight Into the Scriptures

The total weight in Gold used for the tabernacle was estimated at 2,210.65 pounds. WOW! The total amount of silver given and used for the embellishment was 7,601 pounds. After I have read about all the gold, silver, and bronze that was used in constructing the tabernacle, it must have been amazing to look at.

Have you also wondered how Moses instructed the workers to construct the tabernacle? God gave only Moses VERY detailed instructions on how to build the tabernacle, I do not think Moses had a mobile device, computer, or tape recorder. I would guess that God’s spirit helped Moses recall all the info??? What do you think?

Exodus 39:30-31

“They made the plate of the holy crown of pure gold, and inscribed it like the engravings of a signet, “HOLY TO THE LORD.“They fastened a blue cord to it, to fasten it on the turban above, just as the LORD had commanded Moses.”

Thought for the Day

As you read the passage above, you will read that God wanted to set the priests apart from everyone else. So, God told Moses to place a gold plate that stated “Holy to the Lord” on the priest turban. This was done in the old law when a person had to approach God through a priest. Jesus changed all that, now we can approach the almighty ourselves, we do not need a priest anymore, we have direct access to Christ. So, we should all have “HOLY TO THE LORD” (Maybe not as a plate on our head) but it should be on your mind and as the gold plate was seen to others in the days of Moses. People should see your plate “HOLY TO THE LORD” shinning. Do they?

I read what “HOLY” means in Strong’s Concordance, it means set apart as dedicated to God, set apart exclusively for the presence of God. So, what does it mean to you to be “HOLY TO THE LORD”? To me, it means several things, but, I believe the most important is to keep my mind “HOLY TO THE LORD”. In today’s world there is so much that can draw your mind into impure things, such as other women, violence, anger, and money. It is easy to let my mind and eyes wander and start to focus on those impure things. Soon “HOLY TO THE LORD” becomes wholly to the world.

Today, I would think what it means to you to be “HOLY TO THE LORD”. Are you living up to your expectations and God’s?

Closing Prayer

Dear Jesus,

Father thank you for the bible that You have given us, so that we can learn more about You, become closer to You and most importantly to learn how to be with You for an eternal life. Father I pray today that I will seek You and learn to be Holy, help me to see Your ways and not choose mine. Amen

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