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The book of Leviticus was written by Moses around 1445 – 1444B.C. The setting takes place at the foot of Mount Sinai, it is a handbook for the priests and Levites teaching them their duties in worship, and how to live as a holy people.

Today we start with the book of Leviticus. While it may seem out dated and the rituals strange, always keep looking toward Christ and how these things that God was teaching Moses and His people relate to Jesus.Leviticus is also a book on how to live holy to God. Holiness is mentioned more times in this book than any other book in the Bible.

 Leviticus 1:3

“If the offering is a burnt offering from the herd, he is to offer a male without defect. He must present it at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting so that it will be acceptable to the LORD. He is to lay his hand on the head of the burnt offering, and it will be accepted on his behalf to make atonement for him. He is to slaughter the young bull before the LORD, and then Aaron’s sons the priests shall bring the blood and sprinkle it against the altar on all sides at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting.”

 Thought for the Day

Try and put yourself in the person’s place that was going to sacrifice a bull. First off you have to take one your best bulls from your flock. One that is the strongest, without defects, this is not be easy because this is your livelihood and it is your best, so it is a loss that you will feel.

Second, YOU have to place your hand on the bulls head, take responsibility for it’s death, and slaughter your bull. Maybe while raising this bull you have become attached to it and it’s personality. I know that it was a different time back then, but I know that I would have a hard time slaughtering and cutting up any kind of animal.

What God was trying to teach His people, is that sin had consequences, something had to pay the price for the sin of the person. Something had to die for that persons sin. Well, times have changed and we do not have to sacrifice animals anymore, Jesus took that place and suffered much more than any of those animals did. Today, I would thank Jesus for loving us so much to make that incredible sacrifice once and for all.

 Closing Prayer

Dear Jesus,

Father I could never know what You went through on that cross, but I thank You from the bottom of my heart and I pray that I can each day make You proud. I pray Father that You would lead me to be more like You and less like me. I pray Father for those suffering heartache, pain and brokenness. I pray that You will bless them and give them peace and comfort. I love You and thank You for the sacrifice You made so that I can be with You.

In Your Name I pray, Amen

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