Insight Into the Scriptures Leviticus 7-8
When making sacrifices, the fat part they are speaking about in the Bible is the layer of fat around the internal organs, it could be easily peeled off and is inedible.The ephod was the most important of Aaron’s priestly garments. It was either a linen robe covering the upper body or a frontal piece attached to the shoulders and sashed to the waist.
Aaron and his sons could not leave the entrance to the Tent of Meetings for seven days. This was to protect them from any uncleanness that they might encounter by leaving.

Think & Grow
Today, I thought that I would share with you something that just recently happened to me. My wife and I run a little business and God was blessing our work. We were becoming busier and busier. As this was happening, guess what I started to do? My “Jesus time” started to become less and less, I kept putting priority on my work (Which He actually was blessing) and spending less and less time with Jesus. Finally, after a couple of weeks I was feeling very disconnected with Christ, and I was wondering why?

Right away, I made time for Jesus whether I felt that I had it or not. There were some days that I did not think everything was going to get done, but it did. And, actually our little business continued to be blessed by God. One interesting point was that as soon as I started to make time for Him again, my feeling of being close to Him did not improve right away, it took maybe a week or so.

Jesus has to take priority in your life. It is not easy to do with “Life” coming at you every day and sometimes every hour. It is something that you are going to have to work on. If you start your day and tell yourself that I will spend time with Jesus later on in the day, chances are it will never happen, plus you have the enemy that will throw anything in your path to distract you. Make an appointment for Jesus, just as you would any other person, and stick to it. If you are on a wonderful routine, fight hard to never let anything come in between that time, Jesus will honor your commitment!

Closing Prayer
My Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the awesome time I have everyday to spend with. To breath in every breath and think of You, is so wonderful and forfilling. I pray Father that I can keep my appointment with You everyday. Help me to stop and remember how good it feels to spend that one on one time with You. Father I ray for all of those who are lost and seeking. I pray I hear the right words from You and know the moments that You are giving me. I love You!!
In Your Name I pray, Amen

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