Numbers 7

The function of anointing sacred objects is an act of dedication. Usually oil or blood was used.
Thought for the Day
Kim and I are looking at buying a house, and there have been some ups and downs. We want to do God’s will for us, but, sometimes it is so hard to know the will of God. I have a good/bad habit, I do find that I push God, patience is not one of my strong points, so in certain situations I do not know if I am pushing God to make what I want to happen, happen. This leaves me confused sometimes.
On the flip side, I do not believe that you lay down and tell God, “OK God, let me have it.” I believe that you need to knock and see if God does open a door. Kim and I have seen God’s will at work and it was amazing. To make a long story short, we need to get out of a current living situation, I asked my boss for a transfer, he gave it to me in a week to a city that we LOVED; Seattle. We also sold our house in a week with a lady that paid cash. There were many more blessings that happened, but it was amazing to see God work and be within His will.
If you are in a situation right now, or the next time one would come up and you are wondering if it is God’s will. I would look at God’s character, are the events happening like God? Do you find yourself pushing the situation to make it work to the way you want it? Is the situation flowing smoothly? I hope that you will find yourself in the tail wind of God’s blessing where it makes your head spin.
Closing Prayer
My Heavenly Father,
Thank you Father for the rain you give us, it makes everything smell fresh and gives all the animals something to drink. Lord I pray that You will help me hear You, follow You and listen to Your will. I know that Your plan is much better than mine could ever be. Please give me the patience and the silence to hear Your moves.
I love You and need You desperately.
In Your Name I pray,
How To Know Gods Will

How To Know Gods Will