Numbers 26-31

The mountain that Moses views as the Promised Land was Mount Nebo. The laying of hands on another person signified the transferral of power from one leader to another. God’s appointed feasts were for the most part agriculturally based.

Moses was an amazing man. He had a heart for the people that he was leading. In verse 27:12 God tells Moses that he was going to be “Gathered to his people”. What would have been your response to God? Maybe you would have said “No, God I am not ready yet”, or “Are you sure I can see the promised land”?Moses was more concerned about the people he was leading them himself. That is a trait of a great leader.

Scripture Reading Numbers 31:48- 54

48 Then the officers who were over the units of the army—the commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds—went to Moses 49 and said to him, “Your servants have counted the soldiers under our command, and not one is missing. 50 So we have brought as an offering to the LORD the gold articles each of us acquired—armlets, bracelets, signet rings, earrings and necklaces—to make atonement for ourselves before the LORD.”

51 Moses and Eleazar the priest accepted from them the gold—all the crafted articles.

52 All the gold from the commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds that Moses and Eleazar presented as a gift to the LORD weighed 16,750 shekels. (About 420 lbs.) 53 Each soldier had taken plunder for himself. 54 Moses and Eleazar the priest accepted the gold from the commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds and brought it into the Tent of Meeting as a memorial for the Israelites before the LORD.

Think n Grow

If you have read this story, God was ready to take vengeance on the Midianites, so He told Moses to kill the Midianites and plunder what they owned. There are two thoughts that came to mind while I was reading this.

First, when God is with you, there is no-one that can be against you. There is nothing that can stand in God’s way. Nothing. The Israelites could have taken vengeance on the Midiantires for causing them to sin, but if they did that without God’s guidance, I am sure they would have lost. But, they waited for God, and His vengeance, went into battle, and killed every man. (v31:7)

Second, when God blesses you, what do you do? Do you say, “Alright, thanks Jesus! Ahhhh….. that was wonderful, but……. my car does need fixing now”. I believe that we need to have the attitude of what Moses and the Israelites had, when God blessed them with all the plunder from the Midianites they gave back to God. God did not need their silver or gold, He is God, He could blink His eye and make a mountain of gold. What He does want is our heart and mind.

Society teaches us that the world owes them. But retrospect, if you want to be blessed, bless someone. If you are in need of money, give money. If you want to be loved, love someone. If you want to be happy, make some else happy. I know that all of us have a storehouse of blessings waiting for us, but we need to grasp and live the concept of Jesus. Christ did not come here to be served, but to serve others.

Closing Prayer

My Heavenly Father,Thank You Father for your amazing love. Father I pray that You will guide me and help me to move, so that I can see You move. Father I pray that I take those steps I am afraid to take so that I can be a light for You and make a difference. Teach me Lord how to be more like You and less like me, fill me up with Your goodness and joy so that I may spread that and give glory to You.

Father I pray for the lost that they may be found.

I love You father. In Your Name I pray, Amen

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