Let God Bear Your Burdens

Let God Bear Your Burdens

I believe that some of us have this pre-conceived notion that GOD is up in the heavens looking down on us, watching us, and judging us. When we sin or are going through a rough time, HE may say AHA! You deserve what you are going through! Here is your punishment, now you have to suffer the consequences. Then He goes about being almighty again, waiting for us to step out of line again. That could not be further from the truth.

When I read the above verse, it tells me of a much different GOD. In Psalm 68:18 David praises GOD for bearing our burdens. There are three points that David wanted to make. First off, GOD bears our burdens daily, not weekly, monthly, or when HE feels like it. HE is there with us day by day.

Second, GOD bears our burdens. I looked up bears in Strongs Concordance; in Hebrew it means to carry, lift up, forgive. To me, GOD is right with us in our burdens. HE does not set himself apart, or keep any distance between us, HE is right there in the thick of things.

Third, is HE bears our burdens. “Burdens” goes deeper than sin. Sin is something that we know is wrong, yet we choose it anyway. Burdens are everyday heartaches, pain, ridicule, and sufferings that we may or may not have caused. God is with us for every emotion, pain, and hurt we have.

GOD chooses to do this. The Creator of the Universe chooses to share every tear, heartache, and pain with you….. everyday, moment by moment. HE loves you that much and wants to be with you that much. Where ever you are in life you need to KNOW that GOD is with you, sharing every emotion day by day. Maybe you feel like GOD is not sharing your burdens because you are still in those burdens. HE knows you and your future and loves you, and knows that these burdens are going to produce amazing results.

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. – Psalm 68:19

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