Knowing The Purpose Of Your Pain

For the past couple of days we have researched “Why bad things happen?” I was just thinking how this question lines up with the Psalms. Most of the Psalms are humanity crying out to GOD, for situations that are happening beyond their control, such as King David being chased by men wanting to kill him, hiding out in caves. In today’s devotional I wanted to look at the hope we Believers have in Christ when these situations happen.

I have heard a statement this last weekend that made an impact on me. A guy that I was talking to, said that he could endure life’s “Whys” if he knew the purpose of them.

He had a good point, we humans live out life in either the past, present, or future. In the present when we are going through one of life’s “Whys”, it hurts and we can’t see the future or know how this is going to effect the future, so we want GOD to be our puppet and have HIM fix it now. We usually do not remember the past to see how we have gone through situations like this, survived, see how GOD was always with us, grown in faith, and one step closer to being more like Christ.

GOD lives in all three; past, present, and future. A good example of this is, if you ever taped a football game on the TV while you were at work; But, when you were driving home you heard the score and all the big plays made during the game. When you get home you can watch the tape, but, you know the final outcome. GOD is a some cosmic way is doing the same thing, He knows He plays in your life, and HE is watching your life being played out. He knows the outcome and where He has allowed and protected you from situations that will produce HIS final outcome for your life; to be like Jesus.

In closing I wanted to leave you with two thoughts: If your a believer you ALWAYS have eternal hope. These few years that GOD has given us here on earth will hardly compare to the joy that we are going to have spending an eternity with Christ. I know that when you are going through a rough time, it seems like forever. Try and always keep focused on the end of the race, try to imagine how amazing it will be to be at the feet of Jesus, meeting Moses, King David, and all your other favorites. People that do not have Jesus, yes these situations could crush you, that is why it is so important for us to give as many as you can Jesus’ hope.

The other thought is off a verse that I am sure you have heard before, and maybe it has been told to you when you were struggling. I know that while I was very sick, a lot of people quoted this verse. I hope to maybe bring some new light to this verse: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

There are two key phrases that I am not sure if you caught in the above verse. The first one is We Know. There are not many things in life that we KNOW, but Paul is stating here that he KNOWS this to be true. That is a very bold and confident statment.

The second is All Things. “All Things” are everything that is good from GOD that HE gives you, plus all the bad things you may or may not cause to happen. So, to give us some hope for the tough times of life, Paul states that EVERYTHING that will happen to you in your life, GOD will use for good at sometime, maybe not in the present, but in the future. Have a great day.

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