How Honest Are You?

The LORD detests differing weights, and dishonest scales do not please him. Proverbs 20:23

When you read the above verses, at first you may think that they do not apply to me. I am not in business or I do not deal with money and selling products to people. But, I believe that these verses are more about being honest and the integrity of each of us.

When looking at these verses I looked at other translations, I like the way Eugene Peterson states the same verse in his Message Bible:

“Switching price tags and padding the expense account are two things God hates.”

After reading it this way, it brings more of a modern day flair to it. It makes the verse apply to more of a broad range of people. I would guess that we all at one time or another deal with people and their money. Maybe it is a personal sale, garage sale, EBAY, or it may be some kind of work issue.

These verses have always weighed heavy on my mind, especially since we have our own business and make our own rules. In dealing with other people, I have found they always have an opinion of your dealings, then, if you throw money into the equation it becomes very personal. I have found that you could give a person something free, and they would feel that they are being overcharged….. seriously, we have seen it.

So, sometimes you can’t rely on the opinions of others. And if you are like me, I feel bad or guilty when these people speak up about your dealings. GOD gave you intelligence and I know that HE does not want you being taken advantage of. So how are we to know when we have stepped out of line?

The Holy Spirit. If you have a good feeling and peace inside, I would say the Holy Spirit is giving you the OK on what you are doing. If you do not have a good feeling or you are uneasy about it, I might re-examine your motives, be honest, and see if you are not being honest with yourself or with God. One other way that I have done a self-check on myself; I imagine that Jesus is standing right over me and watching me. If I feel good, then it is most likely good, if not……. well……….

Remember that other people can not always be a gauge with your motives and honesty, the ultimate judge is Jesus and the Spirit that is within you.

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